New York, it’s GameDay! Top Sports Party Spaces in Manhattan 2024

New York, it’s GameDay!

Top Sports Party Spaces in Manhattan 2024

With so many exciting events coming up in the world of sports, now is the time to decide where you’re hosting your Big Game event. We already know the answer.  Gather your friends and family at one of these M.V.P. event spaces located around New York City!

Venue: NBPA Training Facility

Watch the Game from a Vantage Point

New York, are you tired of watching games like everyone else at a bar? Why not aim a little higher, like, way higher? Sky Lounge is the place for you. A penthouse with eclectic, stunning city views, indoor and outdoor terraces available, and the chance to watch the Bills square off against the Chiefs with panoramic NYC views.

Looking for Something Low-Key?

For a cozier space, ready to host you and about 75 friends, how about a fully furnished 2-floor private penthouse with a balcony, terrace, and rooftop, audio-visual equipment, lounge seating, and a built-in bar? The Flatiron Penthouse has you covered.

A Stage Fit for a Press Conference

Maybe the best way to watch the New York Jets play the Patriots is a massive event space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 100 Sutton is an expansive loft with a massive 350-person event space, four newly built Cyclorama rooms, including a green cyc room, as well as a private 72-seat theater, a wrap-around bar, industrial-sized windows, skylights, and so much more.

Last but certainly not least, perhaps you’d like to watch women’s or men’s world-class basketball right in the heart of the NBPA’s actual training facility? Watch the game, then play your own game on the court, where actual professional athletes train. Don’t make this a buzzer-beater. Book it now.

All of these amazing spaces in New York and Los Angeles are waiting for you. Our trusted vendors can help make your event the champion of all the other events, which means you’ll take home the trophy for planning it. However you choose to watch your favorite sport, know that BLACE makes unreal and exclusive experiences very real.

For every type of event, BLACE has a space for you. Our network of exclusive venues provides a unique aesthetic for every mood! Take a look into our expansive, multi-city portfolio of one-of-a-kind spaces. 


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